Selected Best Painter 2011 by Angie's List - as seen in Angie's List Magazine 2011 Best & Worst Contractors-January 2012
The Finishers painting - Angies List
The Finishers painting - Angies List
The Finishers painting - Angies List
The Finishers painting - Veteran Badge
The Finishers painting - Veteran Badge
The Finishers painting - Veteran Badge


Overall went very well. The team accidentally painted a wall I didn’t ask to be painted, but when I called Brad and let him know, he was willing to go buy the previous color paint and repaint it as it was before at no cost. He understood that the customer should be 100% satisfied. I think the paint looks good and the team was punctual and professional. The price seemed somewhat high for the job, but I was willing to pay a little more because Brad conveyed that he has a small team who works with him, so he knows the quality of their work, and he would ensure my satisfaction. The paint job looks great. No complaints.

Alicia V. Frisco TX

The Finishers-Plano/Brad Boehm is a top-quality, highly professional company. Brad responded to my call for a bid within a few days. He knew I was obtaining several bids for this big job and he did not throw a low-ball quote at me as one of his competitors had. His bid was the most detailed of all that I received and had items on it that I hadn’t even thought to ask about. This very detailed quote gave me a great deal of peace of mind–I knew I was covered on all the big and little things. I not only researched The Finishers and also contacted my local paint store and asked the owner for a list of painters that he could recommend. Brad was spoken of highly from all of my resources. Brad and his crew arrived every day at 7 AM sharp. They were very professional and respectful of my home and my personal space. They cleaned up after themselves each day often leaving my home better than how they found it. Brad was here every day to supervise and do some of the work each day. Brad or his crew boss Mike would walk me through my home at the end of the work day. They would explain what was complete & what the action plan was for the next day. I work from home and was very concerned to see if I could maintain focus and hold business calls in my home with painters working in my home at the same time. This crew pulled it off with total respect and consideration of my work day. I am a woman who lives alone and I felt safe and respected. Brad and his crew are amazing and personable. They made what could have been a very stressful several weeks for me pleasant. I also like the fact that Brad maintains a permanent crew and does not sub his painting work. This group worked together like a well-oiled machine which made the process so much easier for me. My original quote did not include accent walls throughout my home. I had planned on excellent paint with the same neutral color on all the walls. Brad worked with me to choose some incredible colors for accent walls and painted them at no extra charge. Once again a sterling job. I know the popcorn ceiling was so much extra effort to get a straight line between ceilings and walls but this group pulled it off. You will find that Brad will bid his jobs high, but he may negotiate with you which he did with my job. I am so glad that I chose Brad and the Finishers. With this company you get what you pay for and so much more. Thanks Brad!!

Gail C. Frisco, TX

Brad removed drawers and doors from my kitchen cabinets and took them off site to strip, stain and lacquer.Prior to choosing the color of stain, I asked Brad to show me several samples using 2 different stains I had chosen on some extra kitchen doors I had. This was very helpful.

The cabinet doors were stained on both sides, along with drawer faces, back edge and frames face out. The cabinet frames were also stripped, stained and lacquered. Brad was extremely careful in preparing the kitchen area by protecting the floor, counter tops and appliances by using drop clothes. During the lacquer process he made sure the area was well ventilated by sealing the kitchen area with plastic and having the right ventilation in place.

Brad also painted my kitchen walls to compliment the staining/lacquering that was done on the cabinet frames, doors and drawers.

Brad’s first visit was to look at my kitchen cabinets to determine the best game plan in providing me a darker stain and lacquer than previous lighter stain on doors, drawers, and cabinet frames. Brad was very professional and always was on time. He was very detailed oriented and the finished doors, drawers and cabinet frames far exceeded my expectations. In fact, my neighbor happened to be over visiting and she commented the cabinets look new. This was the best compliment I could have received concerning these cabinets.
I would recommend Brad to anyone that is in the market for cabinet stripping, staining and lacquering.
Aaron D. Plano TX

I have been wanting to have my kitchen cabinets refinished, as they were a honey oak color that had become yellowed. I got several bids on both re-staining and repainting the cabinets. I selected Brad for many reasons – he was very professional and friendly the day he came out for the estimate. He took the time to discuss the pros and cons of stain vs. paint on my older cabinets. I decided to have them repainted white to brighten up the small kitchen area. I did have to wait about 6 weeks for him to start, as he was in the middle of a large job. But, I decided it was worth waiting after seeing all the other positive reviews on Angie’s List.

Brad removed all the cabinet doors and drawers and painted them off-site at his shop. He sanded down the cabinet frames and cleaned them, and was very careful to cover all floors and kitchen surfaces from the dust. He even brings his own vacuum to clean up each day! He applied the primer and then sanded everything down again until the frames looked new, then applied 2 coats of this beautiful white paint. Over the next few days, Brad completed the same process with the doors/drawers off-site. Today he came back to install the doors and drawers and do any touch-up work. He also installed new hardware and hinges and took care to ensure everything was hanging correctly.

Brad always arrived when expected and kept in contact with me frequently by phone if there were any delays. I appreciated always knowing his plans and what to expect. He is a very neat refinisher – cleaning up each day before he left. I am very careful when I hire a contractor in my home, and Brad put me at ease from the start.

I am extremely pleased with the result, and plan to hire Brad again in a few months to repaint both bathroom cabinets as well. He uses a very high quality paint and is very meticulous, so the cabinets now look new. I would recommend anyone to use Brad for their painting, even if they have to wait a few weeks because he is so busy!
Catherine H. Rowlett TX

Full kitchen remodel that included refinishing of our 20 year old custom cabinets as well as a bult in entertainment center, stair banisters and front door. These cabinets had been refinished before.
Based on the reviews on Angie’s List we selected Brad to totally refinish our custom kitchen cabinets as well as a built-in entertainment center in the den, two stairway banisters and our front door. This refinishing process included stripping existing stain, sanding, staining and lacquering. He gave us a very detailed bid outlining the scope of the project, estimated time lines for completion of the job, and the cost. In discussions about the job, we were made aware of the what to expect during this process, which included the mess and inconvenience involved. All the drawers and cabinet doors were refinished off site. The cabinet bases however had to be done in place. Our process included a penetrating stain that was sprayed as was the lacquer finish. I would recommend that any carpet in the areas where the refinishing will be done be removed prior to the start of the process. Since we are replacing the carpet this was not an issue for us. Because we were coordinating with other contractors, the job spanned a total of ten weeks. Brad willingly accommodated the other contractors’ time lines. Brad matched the color we wanted despite the fact that we had at least four different woods which absorbed the stain differently and in some areas didn’t accept it at all. Being a perfectionist, Brad worked with technical stain specialists to bring out the beautiful grain in the wood and minimize color variations due to the wood. He was very knowledgeable and professional and found a solution that gave us beautiful cabinets. He demonstrated his willlingness to do whatever it took to satisfy us. We would recommend him to anyone who seeks an exceptional cabinet refinishing professional
Judy S. Lewisville TX

Refinished (painted) my dark-stained kitchen cabinets, using color of my choice and paint brand of his choice. Doors and drawers were removed and finished off-site. Also had hardware holes filled in and re-drilled in different location on each door. Total of 43 doors and drawers were removed.

About five years ago I had my then 15-year-old cabinets refinished to a dark color of stain. Bad choice on my part, as my kitchen then became too dark for my taste (we have dark granite countertops). After reading many reviews for several businesses on Angie’s List, I selected Brad’s company for an estimate (based on the positive feedback from other Angie’s List clients). I had already decided that I wanted to paint my cabinets an off-white color (cream), and Brad told me about the type of paint he prefers to use. It is not cheap, but definitely worth using because it goes on evenly and dries smoothly, Brad explained. I could see how much Brad loved his work and what professionalism he brings to the job. This guy really, really loves cabinets!! I ended up calling him The Cabinet Whisperer once the work was completed. Truly, he is an artist. Brad carefully explained how he would progress through the job, provided me with a written estimate, and gave me a start date. He was extremely careful about working in my home and cleaned up every evening. My husband and I never felt like we were living in a mess or a nightmare (compared to other interior jobs we have had done). Even when the rainy weather caused a slight delay in getting my cabinet doors/drawers returned to the house and installed (due to high humidity slowing drying time), Brad made sure we were ok with the delay and understood the reason. Brad is a true perfectionist; if there were such a thing as “museum quality cabinet workmanship,” Brad would be in the Louvre! I’ve asked Brad to use us a references, and even encouraged him to allow us to show our cabinets to potential customers. That is about the highest compliment I can give a business, as I am a somewhat private person. I really worried that my cabinets would look like a DIY job, since they were being painted, but Brad left us with a look that makes the finish appear factory installed. No streaks or marks or any brushed-on looks. It’s amazing. This guy really knows what he is doing, and his talented work left us totally enchanted.
Victoria H. Colleyville TX

Brad is a perfectionist and a true master at his craft. He communicates every aspect of the job to make sure you’re satisfied. The job site was always clean. I highly recommend him.
We had some unexpected complications with our job which Brad handled in a professional manner. My cabinets look like they were painted in a factory and are awesome!
Marilynn R. FT. Worth TX

We needed our 20 year old cabinets refinished as part of a kitchen remodel. Brad worked on refinishing our cabinets over several weeks and our cabinets now look better than new! The process required sanding, staining and sealing the cabinets. We also had some new cabinet doors and some older doors so he had to ensure that the stain matched on both of them. The cabinet doors were done offsite while the cabinet boxes were done on site. Throughout the process he was very punctual, professional and helpful. We would highly recommend him!

We selected Brad to refinish our kitchen cabinets based on his excellent reviews on Angies list. Brad gave us a detailed quote and explained the entire process at the beginning. He also gave us an estimated start date, and we were very impressed because he started the work at the estimated time. He made several samples of stain colors and stained some of our cabinet doors so we could pick the color we wanted. This included making several samples and several visits to our home to make sure we were happy with the color.
After we decided on the stain color, he picked up all the doors and drawers and took them to his shop for staining. He arrived at 7:30 the next morning to begin work on the cabinet boxes which had to be done on site. This included tenting off the kitchen, taping and covering areas that were not being stained, and covering all appliances and counters before he started work. The sanding, staining and applying lacquer was an intensive process that took several days. He was very meticulous in ensuring that all areas were properly completed. After the cabinet boxes were done, he worked on staining the doors offsite and after about 2 weeks, he installed our cabinet doors. He also drilled the holes for cabinet pulls we provided and installed them.. Our kitchen looks beautiful and we could not have found a better finisher to refinish our cabinets. Our cabinets look better than they did when they were new. We highly recommend Brad for cabinet refinishing!
Tanuja M. Plano TX

Stained office and painted closet cabinetry . (sizable project)
Brad scheduled a time to come out and scope out the project. He was backlogged at the time and provide an initial estimate a week later and we took our time deciding (and waiting for the rest of the work at the house to complete). We selected Brad and he was able to start early November and finish almost 5 weeks later.

The process was paint the closet fixed shelves and frames, paint the closet doors and drawers, stain the office doors and drawers, and then stain the office frames. With a prime coat and two finish coats, the drying time was substantial.

A couple of things that we appreciated with Brad. First, he communicates and provides updates so we weren’t left wondering what is going to happen when. Brad also has an attention to detail that we have not found with other finishers. There were a few spots that we (and he) weren’t happy about before the final coat was applied but before we had even said anything, Brad had resolved it.

We also appreciated that he wanted to provide a sample of the finish and paint prior to starting the work so that there were no questions going into the process about colors or finish.

The finished product looks great. We would not hesitate to have Brad back to do additional work at the house.
Bryce L. Murphy TX

Brad came out and gave us an estimate to paint our builder grade cabinets. After approving the bid, he began work in approximately 3 weeks. He works alone and we had to wait for him to finish an existing job. He arrived promptly, and began by covering all surfaces in the kitchen. He stripped, primed, and brush painted the frames over the course of 3-4 days. He took all the door fronts and drawers to his shop and stripped, primed, and sprayed them there before returning to reinstall them. The entire process took just over 2 weeks.
Brad is very detailed oriented and was helpful in selecting the best color. He provided a sample and painted one of my cabinet doors with my color options so I could select the color I liked best. He was professional, prompt and courteous of our home. The cabinets look great. It is better than I had hope and well worth waiting for.
Bethany R. Rockwall TX

Brad Boehm responded to my phone call promptly. He was on time and I told him what I needed done and he took measurements and prepared a bid within two days. I had received estimates from two other companies.
I chose Brad for the job because he was personable and eager to get the job done to my satisfaction. The overall job preformed exceeded my expectations. The work was completed within three weeks. The work in the kitchen included stripping 33 oak cabinet doors and 15 drawers and refinishing them. I also had the cabinets in two bathrooms stripped and repainted.

The first week the bathroom cabinets and drawers were all removed and taken offsite. This included 4 cabinet doors and 6 drawers.The facing was stripped on one day and painted the next. Brad was finishing up another job which is why he started the kitchen cabinets the second week. All kitchen doors and drawers were removed the second week and striped and stained offsite. The kitchen was sealed off and the stripping was started. Removing the varnish took a bit longer than norm because it had been put on thicker when the house was built. The whole process took about two weeks. Customer service provided was excellent. I felt comfortable leaving town for a week while he was working. The work was completed on time. He cleaned up before leaving and was professional and polite. I love the overall look of my kitchen now.
Marti F. Plano TX

Cabinetry refinishing advice for the kitchen, a half bath and an office.
Wooden countertop refinishing advice in the office.

Painting and wallpaper removal advice for all bathrooms and inside trim for most of the house.
Member Comments: Brad from The Finishers visited our home to give us a quote for work we thought needed to be done. This is exactly why this review is rated highly. We had a couple of items in the cabinetry genre that needed attention. We informed him of our thoughts that we may put our home on the market and that we didn’t want to go overboard on repairs and refinishes. After we showed him item 1, he indicated a particular repair process that we could cheaply and sufficiently perform on our own! (He even told us the method, the names of the product and where to go to buy and get further guidance.) Item number two was a huge money making opportunity for him. Refinishing a good amount of cabinetry. However, he assured us that it wasn’t in horrible shape, and again gave us details as to how to fix our wood products.
Item number 3 was wallpaper removal, wall painting and trim/door painting. He informed us that he is no longer in that business.

So, in reality, we did not contract him for anything or pay him for anything. But he DID provide service to us. This is why I checked the yes box regarding services performed. We have not contracted him to perform any work, because he convinced us it wasn’t necessary. Whaaaaat?

Brad was truly professional and gracious. I immediately forgot the name of the products after he left and called him on the phone. He answered the question again for me. Then…two days later, he followed up with an email to see if we had tried the repairs, yet. What wonderful customer service.
When I need something done in the cabinetry or wood furniture refinishing areas, I am calling Brad at The Finishers!!! I think you’d be pleased with the high level of customer service that Brad supplies.
Danna B. Plano TX

Our kitchen cabinets were top of the line, but they had become pretty beat up over the years. I was convinced we would have to replace them entirely. My wife obtained three estimates with one telling her it would be best to replace the cabinets. Reluctantly, she convinced me that we should use Brad Boehm and his company, The Finishers, to resurface/stain our existing cabinets. What a remarkable job he did. He explained everything and delivered in a perfect and professional manner. We are so pleased with the cabinets. It looks like we have a brand new kitchen. Definitely A+ work!
Chris S. Allen TX

Wow! We are still awed and gobsmacked at the wonderful job these guys did. Their attention to detail is incredible. Our popcorn texture was coming off the ceiling & it was past time to repaint. So we got 3 estimates. This was the highest of the three by a couple of hundred bucks but well worth it. I can’t name all the prep work they did but here is some of it. (They don’t just paint around the little stuff, they move it.) They removed the switch-plates, curtain rods & holders, blinds, door knobs and anything else that might get paint on it. They caulked the windows and removed and painted the air flow registers. They sanded window sills and de-glossed the doors to prepare them. Several wall cracks (one was very large) were repaired and re-textured also. The crew moved most furniture out and wrapped the rest to protect it. The hall and kitchen entries were covered in plastic prior to removing and replacing texture because these are messy jobs. By the way, texturing equipment is extremely loud (In case you have babies at home). We selected one paint color for 3 walls and another color for an accent wall, with the ceiling and trim being white. They use Benjamin Moore Regal paint. It’s a little more expensive but it’s a Consumer Reports recommended paint and it’s the best. The first coat of paint looked terrible-much too bright, but when the finished walls were dry the color had deepened and looked much better. The new tile floor laid two weeks later helped the color look warm & cozy & great. But the real star of the show is the texture. You can’t tell where the wall cracks were repaired and the ceiling looks fantastic. Even the neighbors agree! The crew consisted of 3 people who spoke perfect English. This is a plus if you’ve ever gotten stuck with a crew who only speaks limited English. They were more like friends you would invite over than hired hands. They laughed and joked while working. They kept the area tidy, and were punctual. They did not require any supervision from us…they respected our property and were careful not to let our dogs escape. About being punctual…this group is a little weird. They like to start at 7 am and leave by 3:30 pm. I’m not much of a morning person, but I survived. They were at our house for 3 days. They might have finished sooner but it was very humid and caused the texture/paint to dry slower than normal. Of course they replaced all the blinds, switch-plates and all that other stuff before they left.

Kimberly P. Denton, TX

They were prompt, polite, trustworthy and responsible as I had to leave the house while they were there. They were always aware of our small dog and took care not to let her outside. We added the living room and dining room after they had started the project. They were able to get everything done within 5 days. They were willing to work with us as we had already purchased the paint. We will use them again and would recommend them. Price of the job was middle of the road – some bids we received were lower and some higher, but Brad sold me on his company and was able to get the job done on my time schedule. I found them at BBB where they also have a good rating.

Virginia S. Murphy TX

Did what he contracted to do and did it well!

Linda K. McKinney TX

I was looking for a company to do a complicated painting job. My daughters wanted custom paint jobs for thier bedrooms including a mural on the ceiling. We also wanted the furniture painted to go better with the rooms. The Finishers did a custom paint job in three rooms plus a hallway and the bedroom furniture painted (two dressers, an armoire, a night stand and two full beds). We decided against the murals but did the rooms and the furniture.

The positive experience began with the estimate appointment. Brad was able to meet me on a holiday weekend. He was prompt which I did not expect. He gave a very detailed explaination of what paint he recommended and why, how he would paint the rooms and the furniture and how long the job would take. The price estimate was very detailed.

For bedroom one, my daughter wanted it stripes on the top 2/3rds of the wall (pink, purple and white stripes) with the bottom third of the wall a solid yellow. The ceiling was also painted yellow. For bedroom two, the bottom half of the wall was purple with pink on the top half with a solid white stripe between the pink and purple. The ceiling was also painted yellow. The bathroom shared by the girls was painted yellow. The hallway between the bedrooms was painted pink. All trim, cabinets, doors were in off white. The furniture was also painted white.

My garage was turned into a spray paint booth for a week to paint all the furniture. Brad and Richard covered everything in the garage (including walls) with drop cloths and plastic coverings. They left the garage in the same condition they found it and the furniture turned out great!

I provided paint chip color samples which he matched perfectly. My girls love their rooms! The entire job took about 8 days (lost a day due to illness). They would have completed the job on schedule if it wasn’t for illness. My father-in-law house sat while I worked. Brad called me several times during the job to keep me updated.

I will definately use brad and his group again. They left everything clean and I was greatly impressed with he level of detail. The stripes are perfect – straight without pencil lines or bleeding paint.

Elizabeth T. Allen TX

Brad did a detailed walk through and provided a professional written estimate. His estimate was provided on time and he followed up to answer any questions. Brad came by for one more meeting before painting began and the electrician was there discussing can lights installation. Brad helped brainstorm an idea for the lights installation that was very helpful. The crew showed up on time each day and was courteous and professional as well. To complete the job in the shortest time and to save expense, we emptied/prepped all of the rooms so that they could work simultaneously across all parts of the project, instead of working room by room. The crew did their best to make us comfortable throughout the process. At the end of the project, the lead painter, Michael, did a detailed walk through and fixed any problem areas (touch ups) before the crew left. Brad returned later that day to wrap things up and did a couple more touch ups that we had overlooked. The charges were the same as the estimate, even though some of the patching and texturing ended up being more work than we thought. Overall, we are very pleased with how the project turned out and would recommend The Finishers.

Julie k. Allen TX

These gentlemen were on time every day and never left a mess when they left for the day. They were very polite and friendly. Their work was professional and nothing was left undone. This house is 25 years old and has been painted many times. They made it look like a new one. I love it.

Yvonne P. The Colony TX

They were able to start within a week. They were very professional and very courteous. They finished on schedule and Brad came back to do minor touchups. We will use them again and highly recommend them.

Mary F. The Colony TX

I called Brad on Wed. morning, he was here before noon to look at the work and e-mailed an estimate to me that afternoon. We accepted his estimate and because we had said we wanted the work done as soon as possible, they were able to start the next morning. They completed the work in two and a half days. I would definitely use this company again because of the care they took to do a good job, the extra time Brad took to counsel me while I agonized over paint colors, their attention to detail and overall professionalism.

Janice H. Plano, TX

Good-timely, reasonably priced, and quality work.

Sarah B. Plano, TX

Brad and his crew showed up at 7:00 AM on a Tuesday and started prep work. They finished the job on Saturday at noon. Impeccable work. These guys know what they are doing!

Ray S. Plano TX

Brad came over and took measurements to produce an estimate. We discussed what I wanted and he sent me an estimate in a couple of days. I notified Brad that I would like to use their services and we setup a date for them to begin. Mike and Richard showed up with Brad on the date and time agreed upon. They were very polite and native English speakers. I got out of the way and they set to work. It took a total of 2 days and a very short visit the third day. They did a superb job. The paint looks great and there are no flaws that I’ve been able to detect. The drywall repair is such that you cannot tell there were large holes in the walls previously. I believe it was Mike who did the texturing. It matches the rest of the walls better than I’d hoped. I checked thoroughly and there are no spots on the carpet or floor, no issues at all. Mike and Richard were accommodating enough that when I had a meeting come up unexpectedly, they were able to reach a stopping point and come back for the last little bit the third day. That really helped me out. I highly recommend using The Finishers for very high quality paint work!

John R. Plano TX

We were on a very tight time line moving into our home so Brad came out within a day of calling him to give us an estimate and his follow up was beyond expectations before hiring him. He responded very quickly via phone and email. I did a lot of research on painters before I chose Brad at The Finishers and not only did he exceed my expectations he beat the competitors on price as well. We didn’t even have to ask for any touch ups, but he said he would come back if we needed anything redone. Brad and his co-workers showed up 5 minutes early both times they came out – they had to split it up into two days because we did 2 coats of painting and they had to start later in the day on the first day – so he came out at 7:00am and the 2nd day was on time and finished within his time frame he gave us. He also picked up all the paint, helped us with trim colors, ect. There were no hidden costs, what he quoted us is what we paid (including all supplies and paint) I don’t hesitate at all recommending The Finishers (Brad) to anyone – you won’t be disappointed.

Bryan G. Plano, TX

Painted kitchen cabinets, crown molding, ceiling light box, pantry & pantry door/shelves.
Brad was great about coming right over to get me an estimate.  He was accommodating to get a crew in within the next couple of days so I could get the cabinets painted prior to moving in my home.  His guys showed up on time, did their work, cleaned up their mess, were polite and professional!   My kitchen looks FANTASTIC !!!   I love it.  I feel like it was definitely money well spent.  Any other painting I need done I will definitely be calling Brad !  Great Job.

Kristie W. Dallas TX

Punctual, dealt with all surprises as they came very smoothly, excellent work, did a walk through with us after it dried to make sure it was all done appropriately. Nice job. The entry hall was especially tricky with the high ceiling and they handled it much easier than what the other painters were planning on doing.

Rebecca D. Dallas TX

Good estimate and stayed with the price while doing a very nice job. Kept with the schedule. Enjoyed working with them.

Tracey J.  Dallas TX

It was a great experience. They were always on time, very professional, did a beautiful job and their price was very fair. And they are FAST! We will call them next time and highly recommend them to anyone.

Lyn B.  Dallas, TX

Two other painters had given high bids as they really didn’t want to tackle this difficult job. The Finishers came on time, cleaned up each day so we could move cars back into garage. They scraped walls and ceiling for one entire day before priming and painting the next two. They finished on time and did a great job of final clean-up. There were no paint stains on the concrete. Their work was great and they were very professional. We will use them again!

Maureen W. Dallas TX

We put in new floors and decided to go ahead and paint too. The Finisher’s were one of three companies that my husband and I decided to get a quote from. Brad came over personally and was fair, approachable and ready to get the job done in a timely manner. Brad and his team were on time each day and finished a day ahead of the estimated schedule. We were very pleased with the work.

Ami B. Carrollton TX

Brad was able to provide an estimate quickly and worked with me on my limited timeline. He communicated well throughout the entire process. They were always on time and did an excellent job. I would highly recommend them!

Scott E. Carrollton TX

Brad came to our home and gave me an estimate. He showed up on time and helped us with color selection. Brad left his color wheel fo us to decide on a color. His original estimate was too high for our budget as we had multiple other projects going on at the same time. Brad worked with our budget and helped us get the painting finished before the wood floors were installed. Brad and his co-worker Mike are wonderful individuals. We enjoyed having them in our home. The project took 5 days to complete. Brad and Mike taped, bedded, and textured cracks in our ceiling and repaired significant water damage in our master bedroom on the ceiling. They painted the entryway, dining room, kitchen, living room, master bedroom, and guest bathroom. We have 12 foot ceilings in our entry. They also painted all trim in the rooms above including the crown molding, window sills, and mantle. In addition, they painted the ceilings in all rooms described plus the ceiling in the master bedroom where water damage was repaired (did not paint walls). The end result was very nice, and most of all we had someone in our home that we could trust. Brad and Mike are true professionals, showed up on time EVERY day….not a minute late.

Chris and Liz Carrollton, TX

Brad gave a written estimate, covering exactly what would be included. He created samples of three different shades of “off-white” with a brown glaze to antique the finish so we could see exactly what to expect. He was punctual, professional and even fun to have around. He did a beautiful job, I am really thrilled with the results! My kitchen is bright and airy and looks just like the magazine pictures I showed him at the beginning. Brad was painstaking and detail oriented, and though there were a few minor mistakes, Brad fixed them at no extra charge. He’s good about asking if you are pleased with the progress and keeps the lines of communication open. Great company to work with – I highly recommend.

Gail R. Carrollton TX

It went very well. They did an excellent job and were very good about cleaning up. Brad and the gentlemen who performed the work were punctual and friendly and did a very good job.

Mary R Dallas TX

I am overwhelmed. They did a great job! Brad was punctual, respectful, and professional. The work was completed quickly and thoroughly. All the fixtures and surfaces were covered before the actual work of painting began. It was clear from the beginning that my opinion mattered. The colors suggested look great. Even though the bathroom cabinets were difficult and time consuming Brad did not stop until everything was done to my approval. I love the way the entry looks without the box hanging down and the wallpaper gone. Everything is fresh and clean. I couldn’t be more pleased. I have highly recommend The Finishers to everyone. I will call again.

Emma M Dallas TX

The Finishers arrived on time an with the supplies they needed. They were clean, courteous, and professional. Since they were removing applied trim from existing textured walls, we didn’t know what we’d find underneath.They were able to repair the walls and blend new texture with the old to achieve a very good result. They also did a very good job on the installation of crown molding, new base, and window sills. Last, but certainly not least, the paint job looks great–very crisp, with good definition between the trim and walls/ceilings! Brad is very customer service-oriented. They were cooperative in working with me on schedule changes, due to delivery delays in other parts of the total project.

Janette T Dallas TX

They arrived on time and finished the job in less than 3 days, as estimated. They carefully masked off areas, including a tapestry that is above a chair rail molding in the front room. We are thrilled with the new look in the room and are looking forward to his crew returning next month to patch & paint the walls & ceiling doors, trim in our entry before it’s wallpapered. We had AAA painters hired by a general contractor to complete our addition 9 years ago and Brad and his painters were just as high quality for less $$.

Erin S. Dallas TX